Q7. What will my total price be if I decide to purchase a surrey?
  A. We will need your zip code for exact shipping quote. Usually the shipping and handling cost for one surrey is around $200 for SPORT model and $350 for FAMILY model. Total price would be surrey's price + shipping and handling charges. The shipping for 10 surreys is for free.
Q8. Do I have to assemble the surrey when I buy it?
  A. No, it comes assembled and you just have to put the top of the surrey, which takes 15 minutes.
Q9. What about the paint?
  A. Our surreys are covered with powder coated paint which finishes the great outlook.
Q10. What colors does the surrey come in?
  A. Blue, red, green, yellow and orange.
Q11. When I buy the surrey, what accessories are included in the standard price?
  A. Go to "Products" for complete info .
Q12. What powers the headlights and taillights?
  A. They work from rechargeable batteries.
Q13. Do you have additional features that I can add to the surrey?
  A. Yes, go to "Products"
Q14. Can I come to your office and test the surreys in person?
  A. Of course, we encourage our customers to come and try the surreys in person. Give us a call to give you directions to the closest to you warehouse/storage unit/showroom.
Q15. Are there DEALER and professional FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE territories available in my area?
  A. Yes, in areas where the territory is not already taken. The dealer program requires an initial minimum purchase of bikes if you are not currently in the bicycle retail business.
Q16. Is there a business I can start using the surreys?
  A. Yes, and it may make your surrey tax deductable! Surrey can be used to shuttle passengers for hire, and could net you $160 a day or more.
Q1. What is the age limit for riding the surrey?
  A. There is no age limit. As long as children can reach the pedals, they can ride the surrey. However, it is recommended that children should always have adult supervision.
Q2. How many people at least can ride the surrey?
  A. One person can ride the Quadricycle very easily, but it is always more fun to ride with somebody else. Also, it is much easier if two people ride instead of one.
Q3. Are the surrey easy to pedal?
  A. Yes .You are never going to turn over because you have four wheels!
Q4. Are the Quadricycles legal to drive on the road?
  A. Yes they all fall into the same category as a regular bike in most states.
Q5. Do you offer any warranty?
  A. Yes, we offer lifetime warranty on the surrey's frame and 2 years warranty on surrey's components. We will immediately replace any part for you should it be defective, outside of normal wear. Any service work that should be done, can easily be done by you or any bike shop.
Q6. How Do I Order?
  A. Once you decide which models and options you want, fill out the order form or call us and we will make you an order or quote and send you a copy. By calling in your order we can also answer any questions you may have.